Considering Little Bradley Falls, small wonder with big beauty

Published 10:44 am Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Bradley Falls located in Saluda. (photo by Rob McComas)

Some of the places I visit and write about are, in many cases, difficult to reach to say the least. The reward that waits at the end usually makes any efforts well worth it. But something worth seeing doesn’t always have to be difficult to reach. Consider Little Bradley Falls.
The name Little Bradley Falls doesn’t exactly arouse the imagination to thoughts of anything beyond ordinary. I guess that’s why you don’t judge a book by the cover.
I would have to say that little Bradley Falls, while small in comparison to its bigger brother, Big Bradley Falls, is probably one of my favorite falls.
Although it’s not the tallest, hardest to reach, most out of the ordinary falls you will find, its one of the most beautiful.
The falls are located on Cove Creek off of Holbert’s Cove Road, a rather short distance above Big Bradley Falls. The trail is a rather easy trail to hike. Other than dodging the norms of poison ivy, mosquitoes and the like, the trip in is rather enjoyable.
The closeness makes this a great destination for a Saturday morning or possibly an evening after work. The trail is probably ¾ of a mile give or take.
To get there from Mill Spring, take Silver Creek Road to Holbert’s Cove Road and turn left. Stay on Holbert’s Cove Road several miles until you come to Cove Creek. There is a pull-off on the left just before crossing the creek. The parking lot to Big Bradley Falls is across the creek and on the right.
The trail goes upstream from the parking lot on the left along a high bank above the creek. You will come to a place where the trail turns left to follow another creek, take a trail that goes to the right  and crosses the creek. You will soon cross over the bigger Cove Creek. Stay on this trail that is paralleling the road above, and the creek below. You will go past an old home place foundation, and you will soon come to the falls.
If you’ve never been there, and your health allows, I hope you go and enjoy this fine piece of God’s handiwork.

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