Polk voters cast ballots in governor, other state races

Published 12:40 am Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Polk County voters cast ballots regarding a number of state seats during this primary election. Winners of both Democratic and Republican primaries, according to unofficial results, are listed below:

N.C. House of Representatives District 113
In the race for N.C. House of Representatives District 113, Chris Whitmire pulled a slight advantage over Trudi Walend, with 6,399 votes or 51.01 percent to Walend’s 6,146 votes or 48.99 percent, as of midnight May 9.
In Polk County, meanwhile, 55.52 percent of the county’s voting Republicans chose Walend over Whitmire (44.48 percent). Walend grabbed 1,227 votes, while Whitmire brought in 983 votes in Polk County with all seven precincts reporting.

N.C. Governor
For N.C. governor, Polk County selected Walter H. Dalton as the Democratic nominee with 66.77 percent, followed by Bob Etheridge with just 13.74 percent. Dalton also won the most votes statewide with 45.83 percent or 411,306 votes to Etheridge’s 341,720 votes or 38.08 percent.
Polk Republicans chose Pat McCrory as their nominee to run in the state governor’s race with 59 percent or 1,265 votes. McCrory also won statewide with 83.54 percent or 718,481 votes.

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N.C. Lt. Governor
For Lt. Governor, Democrats in Polk chose Linda D. Coleman with 73.15 percent or 1,351 votes, while Republicans chose Dan Forest with 1,144 votes or 56.33 percent. Coleman won statewide with 56.02 percent and 467,678 votes. Forest won the most votes statewide for the Republicans with 32.95 percent or 243,170 votes. Tony Gurley had 184,308 votes for the Republicans.
N.C. Secretary of State
In the Republican primary for Secretary of State, Polk County selected Michael “Mike” Beitler with 742 votes or 39.16 percent. Statewide, Ed Goodwin garnered the most votes for this race with 35.86 percent or 235,984 votes. There was no Democratic primary for this position as incumbent Secretary of State Elaine Marshall plans to run for re-election in November.

N.C. Treasurer
Janet Crowell grabbed 1,447 or 79.59 percent in the Democratic primary in Polk County for N.C. Treasurer, while Frank Roche won Polk County with 55.59 percent and 1,025 votes on the Republican side.
Crowell also won statewide with 76.66 percent and 605,412 votes. Roche’s opponent, Steve Royal, won statewide with 373,511 votes or 57.72 percent to Roche’s 42.28 percent.
N.C. Auditor
Republicans in the county chose Debra Goldman as the nominee to run for N.C. auditor. Goldman won the county with 542 or 29.06 percent of the vote; following closely behind was challenger Fern Shubert with 26.92 percent or 502 votes. N.C. Auditor Beth Wood is running for reelection.

N.C. Commissioner of
In the Democratic race for the N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture, Walter Smith won in Polk County with 1,215 votes or 69.07 percent.
Statewide, Smith also won with 55.06 percent or 406,9000 votes.
On the Republican side, Steve Troxler won locally with 1,150 votes or 59.31 percent.  Statewide Troxler also won with 69.23 percent of the vote.