True threats to marriage

Published 10:52 am Monday, May 7, 2012

Several letters have urged voters to vote for Amendment 1 to uphold traditional marriage. There are some serious threats to traditional marriage, I’ll admit. But I’ve got a better idea. I’ve observed so many marriages fail and it seems the most serious threat to traditional marriage is adultery. Although adultery is a sin in God’s eyes, it’s not illegal – yet. I say we make it illegal. We need an anti-adultery amendment with an appropriately Levitical punishment.
Another amendment that would go a long way to strengthening traditional marriage is to make the marriage vow just as God intended: unbreakable. We can do this by eliminating legal divorce. This might meet a lot of resistance as most people believe in one man/one woman as an essentially “serial” concept where it can be “one man and one woman” today but a different “one man and one woman” as soon as the divorce is final and they’re free to remarry and make their sacred vows with another person. Serial marriage is very prevalent in our country. Some people have been married multiple times leaving behind them their cast-aside former spouses and broken homes. I know many in our country like marriage so much that they want to do it over and over. But that’s not what God had in mind.
Amendment 1 will do nothing to strengthen traditional marriage. The only thing that will is for people to honor their vows and accept their responsibilities as husbands, wives and parents.
– Dorothy Kirk, Tryon

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