NickerDoodles horse treat company changes hands

Published 6:23 pm Sunday, May 6, 2012

Horse treats made by NickerDoodles, a company founded by Lisa Otto. Otto recently announced the company has been sold to Virginia Milam. (photo submitted by Vicki Dillard)

Lisa Otto, creator of popular NickerDoodles all-natural, fresh-baked horse treats, announces her company has been purchased by Virginia Milam, proprietor of Khaki Run Horse Farm in Summerfield, N.C. Production and distribution of this equine treat will continue uninterrupted as the business reins are handed off to Milam.
Otto said, “When Virginia Milam approached me about purchasing the NickerDoodles company, I was pleased to think it might be acquired by a business woman who is also an avid rider, already well known to equine enthusiasts, allowing my specially prepared horse treats to be continuously enjoyed by the horses and ponies that have come to adore them.”
NickerDoodles were created by Otto when she sought a healthy, easily digestible treat for her own horses. They contain oats, wheat bran, barley, corn and molasses, and are handmade and freshly baked in the Carolinas. The gourmet horse treats are currently available at more than 100 tack shops and feed stores in 23 states. They can also be found at the mobile tack shops found at horse shows everywhere.
Milam said, “Consistent high quality and eager universal acceptance of NickerDoodles by horses and ponies make this treat a fine product I can be proud to deliver. My own horses have been dedicated fans ever since I had the good fortune to discover NickerDoodles for them. But I didn’t stop at just eliciting their opinions – I questioned many horse owners, as well as the discerning retailers who stock and distribute these gourmet treats, and received nothing but positive feedback. Owners were quick to share anecdotes about their horses’ reactions when they simply thought they might receive a NickerDoodles treat, and our loyal distributors touted them enthusiastically in response to frequent customer inquiries.”
Milam and her husband, Paul, own and operate Khaki Run Horse Farm, where they breed, train and sell horses.
“Acquiring distribution rights for NickerDoodles fits perfectly with my desire to engage in a new endeavor directly linked to my love of horses, and it also allows me to work right from my horse farm,” Milam said. “With my daughter’s active involvement in the show circuit, we are able to maintain a strong connection to the business of horsemanship as well as the sporting pleasure, as we frequent horse shows alongside our product purchasers and consumers!”
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– article submitted
by Vicki Dillard

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