Adminstrative Professionals Week, recognizing Jessy Taylor

Published 6:43 pm Thursday, April 26, 2012

It’s Administrative Professional Week, a time to recognize those individuals, who often work behind the scenes,

Jessy Taylor

but who keep our businesses running.  At the Bulletin, that would be Jessy Taylor.  A native of Landrum, she attended Landrum High School and started working with the Bulletin in 2003 at the young age of 15.
Her first job at the Bulletin was working in the mailroom.  Being only 15, Jessy had to have a workers permit and worked just a few days a week, a few hours a day stuffing sales flyers into the paper. Not the most glamorous job for a young lady, newspaper ink is messy and the hours are later in the day, but something about the paper must have appealed to her because after high school she came back.
Tony Elder, her manager at that time, recognized her talent and ability to organize and put her in charge of the mail.  With thousands of papers and multiple routes to keep track of it’s quite a job.  Jessy rose to the challenge and did an excellent job.
Last year I asked Jessy to consider taking on another position; that of customer service representative. She would be responsible for greeting our customers, answering telephones, processing orders, bills, payments and a multitude of other tasks.  Jessy was a little nervous but also excited about this new challenge and accepted the offer.  I’m so glad she did.

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