Where We Work: Inspector Rice Home Inspection Service

Published 10:57 am Monday, April 23, 2012

Person featured:Garland Rice

Garland Rice

Business: Inspector Rice Home Inspection Service
Website: www.inspectorrice.com
Phone number: 828-859-9596
Nature of business: Inspecting the general condition of houses for home buyers and sellers
Principal Owner/Manager and title: Garland Rice, owner
Year founded: 2006
How’s business? I have been very pleased with the business overall. I had a very good 2011 and expect more work this year with the improving economy.
One thing I wish everyone knew about this business: One thing I wish more people knew about this business is that a home inspection can help prepare a home to sell. Many of my customers are people getting ready to sell their homes. A seller’s home inspection can eliminate obstacles to the selling process, helping the seller, the buyer and the realtor. Also, a home inspection can be a great check-up for an aging home that needs maintenance.
Advice to young entrepreneurs: Expect to work hard. Be punctual. Use impeccable manners. Limit your debt. Get out of debt rapidly. Force yourself to save and invest some of your income. Pick a supportive spouse. Have courage.
My first job: Milking cows at a dairy and general farm work.
Your role model (in business or in life generally): Will Rogers for his political satire and wit.
The key to a successful business: Being a motivated learner, a motivated worker and finding a good accountant.

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