‘Knock Knock’ – Adrenalin rush, a.k.a. opening night

Published 10:59 am Monday, April 23, 2012

Editor’s note: Elvin Clark, one of the actors in Tryon Little Theater’s production of “Knock, Knock,” has been writing a blog about the experience. The Bulletin has recently published some of his posts to give insight into the process of creating a community theater production. “Knock, Knock” continues April 26-29 at the Tryon Little Theater’s Workshop.
Never worked so hard, had so much fun or was left so exhausted as at last night’s opening performance of “Knock Knock.” I can’t begin to say how much fun it was.
The audience started laughing immediately and kept it up throughout. Even our first special effect got a huge response and we had to wait for the applause to subside. Chris Bartol really revved them up. He was absolutely hysterical – even more than usual. It was all I could do not to laugh at him and I was doing the scene with him. Bravo.
Nancy’s first dramatic entrance (I’ll give nothing away) kicked things into another gear. Just when the audience thinks they’re getting a handle on the show, it takes a sharp left turn. She was fantastic.
Lavin and I had so much fun. I spend a good deal of time yelling at and getting yelled at by my neighbor.  The more we do it, the more intense it is and the funnier it is, even to us – in addition to its obvious cathartic benefits. Kudos, neighbor.
Josh, Lorin and Becky were terrific playing their myriad of roles. Lorin, sorry about the gun.
It’s a rush, folks, no denying it, with deeply addictive properties. There is nothing in the world like that kind of adrenalin high.
It was one of those audiences that you’d like to bottle and perform for every night. Just wipe their memories each day, give them a few glasses of wine and point them back to their seats.
Thank you, the opening night audience of “Knock Knock” at the Tryon Little Theater Workshop on April 19, 2012 for that two-hour moment of time we shared that will never happen exactly as it did that night ever again. That is the essence of live theatre.

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