Visual snapshots in my heart

Published 4:48 pm Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome to mid-April Saluda news and notations! On morning walks to downtown Saluda, I see a busy little town — swings flying high at the park, proud grandparents playing with younger generations, folks strolling sidewalks and peeking into shops. Scents of warm baking bread from the bakery, lunch specials from the restaurants tantalize the senses. Huffing and puffing back uphill toward home (going downhill was much easier than the hard climb back up), I never fail to turn and look back at all this: holding a visual snapshot of my little town in my heart.
Speaking of ‘up hill’ and ‘down hill,’ I find myself looking at yet another birthday coming up. Over the years, I have completely changed my attitude and thoughts about birthdays. Used to be, I was inexplicably sad on that particular day: despite whatever celebrations happened, I couldn’t shake that feeling underneath. A turning point did come.
These days, I greet each and every day (including birthdays) with heart – felt gratitude of having one more day. That wisdom evolved from the school of life (and hard knocks) itself, from the ebb and flow of birth and death of loved ones, from various dogs and cats: and watching their joy of the simple things, of just being right here and now instead of acting like a silly human dwelling on past and future. At this point, I’m just downright happy to be still alive and kicking, to have friends who are family and love me despite my eccentricities and stubbornness; in getting up and making art. It doesn’t take much to make me happy — a hot, fresh cup of morning coffee on the porch swing on a sweet iris-scented spring day, and warm hugs along the way: what more does a girl need?

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