State shouldn’t write biases into constitution

Published 8:33 pm Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To the editor:
I am very concerned that passage of Amendment 1 would create dire, unintended consequences for children, other individuals and families.
I have drawn this conclusion from reviews I have read by professors from UNC Law School. Further, I find it bizarre to think that anyone would want to take rights away from citizens and write biases into the constitution of North Carolina.
Legal experts say that if some domestic legal unions now protected by law become invalid, agreements providing for children’s guardianship, making medical decisions, establishing inheritance rights, and related issues could be at risk.
Why would we want to harm our fellow citizens in this way? I do not believe that we really want to hurt each other simply to give a voice to our personal biases.
Let’s get over the fuss about our personal morals and embrace what is good for all people.
I do not support Amendment 1 and I ask others to join me in loving ourselves and every one of us as sacred beings – God’s children.
This was the message of Jesus as I understand it. If we love one another, we will vote “against” the constitutional amendment on our May 8 ballot.
– Roulettei Gildersleeve, Columbus

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