Please, find a trash can

Published 8:37 pm Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To the editor:
Over the years, I have found that the bridge over Pacolet River, the Howes-Connor Bridge, has been a great place for people to throw beer bottles, cans, plastic bottles, and other trash over the side. Unfortunately the glass bottles will break.
Outside of littering, some do reach the river, others land on my property. After a few rains, much of this broken glass will probably wind up where the children play in the river at Harmon Field.
I could go on about what has been left, but that is not the main point in this letter.
Someone in an obvious hurry came down the embankment and used the ground in front of my just trimmed forsythia as a porta-potty, one without doors or walls. Also left was a large pile of partially used white napkins. Absolutely gross!
Surely you could have used the bathroom at Harmon Field, which was close by. I usually walk to the river daily to feed the fish and exercise the cats. I consider this to be part of my front yard, and technically it is. Shame on you….
My only consolation is that you broke a few poison ivy branches on your way from the road down the embankment. I certainly hope you took a souvenir with you that may be as unpleasant as the one that you left for me.
While I am mentioning things, there have been two large dogs that have been using the yard as their highway. One is black and the other seems to be a fuzzy tan or cream color (possibly whitish). They usually come around after dark. These are rather big dogs, and the first picture I saw made me think that the black one was a coyote as coyotes are in the immediate area. No collars could be seen. I value my cats, so please keep your dogs at home. Thank you..
– Chris and Cornelia Heatherly

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