‘Knock Knock’ blog – The Night of the Spider

Published 5:34 pm Monday, April 16, 2012

Editor’s note: Elvin Clark, one of the actors in Tryon Little Theater’s production of “Knock, Knock,” has been writing a blog about the experience. The Bulletin has recently published some of his posts to give insight into the process of creating a community theater production. “Knock, Knock” runs April 19-22 and April 26-29 at the Tryon Little Theater’s Workshop.
I was in the bathroom when the shrieks rang out. The sound was a mixture of hysterical fear and laughter so at first it was hard to determine what was going on. By the time I exited the bathroom and entered the lobby, Nancy Winker and Monica Jones had the doors to the theater open and were… well… shrieking is the only word for it… for anyone who was not afraid of spiders to come and kill this massive spider.
Monica is doing publicity for us and she was interviewing Nancy for a story when a spider dropped down on the piano they were standing next to. Now, the size and athletic prowess of said spider is in some debate but for these purposes we’re giving the ladies the benefit of the doubt.
As first responder, they showed me where the creature was but not having had my glasses on I can’t give an accurate description. When I moved the piece of paper that Godzilla was partially hiding under, he reacted very quickly and jumped to the floor. Then, in truly heroic fashion, I “dispatched the beast with a single blow.” (I think that’s from Camelot but don’t quote me.)
Nancy and Monica calmed down and, like the professionals they are, they completed the interview. Rehearsal continued, the spider was dead and I had material for my blog. It was a win-win – although the spider may feel differently.
The bonus for me was that I now have an undying mental picture of these two consummately brilliant, talented, sophisticated ladies jumping up and down screaming like a couple of sixth-grade girls that will live for me every time I see either one of them for the rest of my life. Ah, the memories to be gained through theater. And in the end, what else do we really have?
Nancy is an incredible trouper and has my complete respect. Monday was her first rehearsal back after a week in Italy so basically her body clock was still on Italian time. I know that to reset that clock for me takes the better part of a week so I was ready and willing to give her every benefit of the doubt so that she would have time to become acclimated.
We did Act One twice and she was dead on. Even with all the set and set decoration changes that she had never seen before. It was like she hadn’t missed a day. Well done, JArc, well done.
Rehearsal went very well all the way around. Pace and energy were good. Frances was happy.
We do have some technical issues to work out both with people and equipment. They will be worked out.
This is going to be a very good show.
Have I mentioned that the box office is now open?

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