Recovered from knee surgery, bride’s mother looks forward to celebration

Published 9:29 am Friday, April 13, 2012

One local woman is about to enjoy the dance of her life.

Judith Smith

Judith Smith, a soft-spoken mother of three, will enjoy dancing during her youngest daughter’s upcoming wedding. Having suffered major and multiple knee problems over the past several years, Smith said a new knee and a little rehab have blessed her.
“All you have to do is watch me walk now. It’s nothing short of perfect,” she said. “It seems and feels like a miracle.”
Last fall, Smith underwent surgery for a total knee replacement at St. Luke’s Hospital where orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brian Rosenberg of Rosenberg Bone and Joint used the latest technology to ensure a custom-fit knee implant. Dr. Rosenberg said the new technology offers patients a quicker, less painful recovery, increased range of motion and greater ease in performing normal living activities.
The custom-fit total knee replacement begins with an MRI for precise measurements and computer software that anatomically corrects the deformity. Then a 3-D image of the implant to be used is matched to the corrected knee model, ending with patient-specific cutting guides that indicate within a few millimeters where to make bone cuts, he said.
“Even slight variations in the way the implant fits can cause pain, stiffness and instability… My patients truly benefit from improved outcomes and shorter recovery,” Dr. Rosenburg said.

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