Baker Family Chiropractic to advocate for industry

Published 5:28 pm Friday, April 6, 2012

Dr. James R. Baker of Tryon was recently appointed co-chairman of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association, Public Awareness Committee. He and Dr. Ed Reily of Asheville will head a committee to create programs that communicate all the benefits of chiropractic health care.
For more than 100 years the chiropractic profession has provided not only treatment for spinal and joint pain, but also a wellness lifestyle, Baker said.
“Wellness has been the buzz word in the general public for the last few years,” said Dr. James Baker. “That’s what Chiropractic is really all about. Our goal in North Carolina is to somehow convey this to the public, so they end up seeking care from the doctors who have been advocating wellness and who have years of experience practicing wellness.”
Drs. James R. and Clay Baker also recently attend the North Carolina Chiropractic Association Spring Conference held at the Grove Park Inn. Featured topics included: the effects of nervous system interference on body chemistry, knee injuries and treatments; science behind the benefits of chiropractic spinal corrections and chiropractic contributions to wellness.
“Chiropractors have always been about wellness and good lifestyle habits,” said Baker. “We have always been in the forefront since the early 1900s regarding proper diet, vitamins, exercise, rest and having a sound 100 percent functioning nervous system. We are far from the misconceptions people have of back doctors. It’s been frustrating being a chiropractor at times. The medical profession comes out with an announcement that Vitamin D is good for bones and the public acts like it’s the newest idea on the planet! Our profession has been saying it for the last 100 years.”
– article submitted
by Dr. James Baker

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