Borrowed angels must go home

Published 4:09 pm Thursday, April 5, 2012

Left: Buck; Right: Chap. (photo submitted)

It has been a few weeks of sorrow and joy that has put me on an emotional roller coaster I’ve often spoke abut.  Most of the joys come from sweet and frisky Buck of which I will fill you in on shortly.
The three abandoned Am-Staff pups (all girls) developed deadly Parvo, one was so severe she had to be put to sleep, a decision I do not make lightly.  The good news is that her sisters are thriving and doing well.
Winston, the beautiful 7 ½ year old American Bulldog whose scrotum was dragging had testicular cancer so severe he did not make it.  I was hoping for better results but though I tried, it was out of my hands.
Sweet Rosie, one of the Border Collies on my flier for my Gala, has also left us.  My good friend, Linda, has spent her life savings trying to save her.  Linda rescues Border Collies and we spoke often during Rosie’s last days.  Rosie’s symptoms were exactly the same as my sweet Allie’s and after everything possible was tried, I and her caretaker convinced Linda that her quality of life was gone.  I have seen to it that Linda will receive her ashes.
The main purpose of Lennie’s fund is to better and save lives but as in is these cases, it is also to see that these precious kids leave us with dignity.  I’ll repeat what I’ve said a thousand times, “Unfortunately, God only lends these angels to us.”

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