Hannon Hauling celebrates 100 years

Published 4:39 pm Friday, March 30, 2012

Julius Hannon (left) and Brook Hannon, who handle operations for Hannon Hauling today, stand in the back of one of the company’s trucks. (photo by Leah Justice)

Tryon issues proclamation honoring business
Beginning on Feb. 1, 1912, William H. Hannon started Hannon Hauling, making deliveries in Tryon with a horse and buggy.
Hannon would be proud to know his descendants have kept the business going strong for 100 years.
Hannon’s is one of the oldest businesses still operating today in Polk County.
Tryon Town Council honored Hannon Hauling for 100 years of service to the Tryon and Polk County communities during a meeting held Tuesday, March 20.
The town presented a proclamation to Julius Hannon and spoke of the history of the hauling business.
The first transport services made by William Hannon were to McFarland Funeral Home in 1912 by horse and buggy.
William Hannon expanded his services in 1925 with the purchase of his first truck. Hannon delivered the Tryon Daily Bulletin’s first printing press in 1929. Mabel Hannon, William’s wife, also worked with the business and expanded it by offering laundry service. She handled the laundry service for the Pine Crest Inn in its early days. The family still has one of Mabel’s first washing machines.
Four generations of family have run the business, with Edgar Hannon, William’s son, joining the business in 1949. Edgar took over the business upon his father’s death in November 1952 and expanded both the business operations and the vehicle fleet.
Edgar’s nephew and William’s grandson, Jamal Hannon, joined the business in 1994 and owns it today. The longest employee of today’s time is John Carson, who started with Edgar Hannon and is still with the business after approximately 30 years.
A couple of years ago, William’s great-grandsons Brook and Julius Hannon joined the business, and they handle operations today. Julius is the son of Jamal, and Brook is Jamal’s nephew.
The Hannons have long been known for garbage pick-up service and also handle other deliveries and moving services.
Brook Hannon said he thinks the business has been around 100 years because customer service has always been at the top of the family’s list. Where larger companies may not go, Hannon offers door-to-door service for every customer.
“The door-to-door operations and personal relationships with our customers are very important to us,” Brook Hannon said. “It’s about building that personal relationship beyond the trash. It isn’t just a bill in the mail type of thing for us.”
Hannon Hauling can be reached at 828-305-3442.

Tryon councilman Doug Arbogast presents Julius Hannon with a proclamation honoring Hannon Hauling for 100 years of service during the town’s March 20 meeting. (photo by Leah Justice)

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