Bible clearly depicts sexual immorality

Published 6:22 pm Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To the Editor:
In response to the article by Grant Phillips on March 21, I preface all comments with the declaration that this is an editorial, a personal opinion if you will, that I am endowed the right to own and to share with others if I so desire.
Many will disagree with my opinion. However, that fact does not make me “Less than Christian or absolutely un-American,” and neither does Rev. Hubert Street’s article make him so.
I know Rev. Street to be a kind, gentle and loving minister of God. I believe that he loves all people and does not seek to persecute anyone.
I believe his first obligation as God’s called minister is to speak out against what the Bible teaches to be sinful actions and attitudes regardless of what personal hardships or conflicts may arise from doing so. I also believe that is what he did in his article and I applaud his courage.
The Bible, God’s holy word, called “The Good Book” by Mr. Phillips, is not ambiguous in declaring certain sexual behavious as unacceptable to God. If you will reasearch all the scriptures relating to sexual behaviors you will find that the only one acceptable to God is the sexual union of one man and one woman together in marriage. 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 explains very clearly why God detests all other sexual immorality.
Mr. Phillips is asking Rev. Street, myself, and many others to ignore and defy God’s laws for the so-called progression of society. How sad for us should we allow that to happen!
I do agree that Jesus does not rejoice in the persecution of any human being for any reason. He spent his years of public ministry teaching us a better way to live our lives, then he freely gave his own life’s blood on a Roman cross as an atonement for our sinful actions, thoughts and attitudes. I will support God’s laws, and if you are of like mind please join me in voting for the N.C. marriage amendment.
– Shirley Bridges, Columbus

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