Scarifying and other natural remedies

Published 11:50 am Friday, March 23, 2012

I use several in my The Dark Corner—An Elusive to Exclusive Odyssey course, which I teach in Furman University’s OLLI Learning Curriculum. Here’s a sampling:
Cure for Hives. Find a person who has never seen his or her father to breathe directly into the mouth of the affected person. The hives will be cured.
Pains of Child Birthing.  Place an axe or a large knife underneath the bed to cut the pain.
Cuts and Scratches on the Skin.  Find a spider web, place it on the cut or scratch, and blow on it.
Menstrual and other Cramps. Place your oldest pair of shoes underneath the seat or bed, in upside down position.
Long-lasting Headache. Tie an old sock tightly around the head for several hours, then remove and burn it.
Earache. Blow tobacco smoke into the ear, or place three or four drops of warm urine into it.
Sour Stomach. Mix hot water and baking soda in a cup and drink it.
Toothache. Put vanilla flavoring on the tooth and surrounding gum.
Bladder or Kidney Infection.  Drink plenty of dandelion tea and lots of water.
Jaundice. Drink lots of catnip tea. Especially good for newborn babies.
Diarrhea. Drink blackberry juice.
Croup. Drink moonshine with rock candy or honey.
Chicken Pox. Take an oatmeal bath twice a day.

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