Far from neighborly

Published 6:04 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To the editor:
A recent event here has prompted me to write this letter to you. On Feb. 29, my neighbor and his son were shooting off his back porch down into my property, barely missing my horse and I.
After yelling up there to change direction (they heard me because they laughed), he continued to shoot down the hill in my direction.
I came back and called the sheriff’s department and they sent an officer out to tell him to change direction if he was going to shoot and left it at that… not even a suggestion of an apology to me.
I’ve always believed that you never start out to hurt anyone intentionally but if you do you should apologize and take responsibility for your actions.
There’s not been one hint of an apology from the man, nor a suggestion from the Polk County Sheriff’s office. This leaves me to believe that aggravated assault is sanctioned in this county, depending on “who you are.”
I guess I’m not one of the “who you are” list to be protected from the village idiot. Mill Spring, I’ve found yours, and he’s teaching his son to be as irresponsible as he is.
– Rusti Osvath, Mill Spring

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