A day of joy

Published 11:02 am Friday, March 9, 2012

Lennie and Gizmo

Before I begin this tale of doing something I don’t get to do often enough, though the offer is always there for me, I wish to extend my thanks about something that moved me deeply.  I’ve received countless cards, emails and personal condolences for my tribute to Allie. I want you all to know that I read every word to her. Though all were beautifully expressed, one in particular struck at the core of my heart.  It said, “Death can never take away what love has already given you.”
Except for a few minor loose ends which I seem to have every day, I put the whole day aside last week to visit Sue and Richard Wallahora. I needed a day to be selfish and these wonderful friends and supporters of mine were not only willing, they were anxious to comply. Richard and Sue are in possession of Gizmo, one of my original Special cases written in June of 07.  By the way, Richard, I’ve done the math and Gizmo will be 5 years old  this month.  The pup had been tossed from a vehicle and had a broken hip and leg on one side and a stick fracture on the other, both rear legs.  We had labeled him a lab mix, but today we have a whole new description of him.  At 3 months old he weighed in at about 8 pounds and the playful little guy tore at all our hearts.  Casts and splints were put on him and the ball joint  from his hip had to be removed.  Dr. Maiola at Landrum vet did all the work for free as my very first gift to the Urgent care fund, which is now Lennie’s fund.  Gizmo today is now nearing 90 pounds and is deemed a Plothound Great Dane mix.  He has retained all the love and playfulness he had as a pup and the boy runs like a deer.

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