Lennie’s kids are going home

Published 10:40 am Friday, February 10, 2012

Brinks – the red Doberman who was backed over by a car had his ball joint removed from his hip. He is receiving some physical therapy and responding well. I have visited and he is in the perfect, loving home, more possibly at a future date.
I hope that pretty much answers all the inquiries for the time being.
Oh, excuse me, there is one more I nearly forgot (not really).
Bowser – First, I would like to thank my friend Kayla for the extra instruction she gave to Bowser, both at FHS and at her home.  She has graciously returned the fee I offered for her assistance, back into my fund. Thank you kiddo, I have just revealed her nickname.
Now for Bowser who I will be visiting shortly at his new home and on his mom’s job. I have decided to let the email I receive speak for me:
“A quick update on Bowser for Lennie!
He is the greatest dog! Ohmigosh! He has stolen my heart and that of the whole family. Biggest lover and mushy boy ever! He ain’t never going anywhere else–so Lennie will have to visit him and be looking for him at Lennie’s kids events. He’s in his forever home! He’s even getting more confident and comfortable and not staying with me anymore (not that I like that much), but I am happy that he trusts me to leave and come back. He will lay on his bed and watch me or move to where I am and lay down but he doesn’t follow me and move to where I am anymore. Once again I miss it, but I know that was exhausting and he could never get comfortable so this is progress. He gives great kisses and enjoys playing in the yard with the other babies. He runs to the end of the fence following me in the mornings as I head down the driveway—and then Mark comes in and plays with him—in short, he’s perfect. And he seems to be very happy—and he’s learning great house manners and getting tons of kisses! Hug Lennie for me!”
In conclusion I’d like to say that I can never truly know God’s plans for me and my kids. I do know this, it may take some time but sooner or later there is a perfect home for all of them (with His guidance) and your help.
Thanks for listening.

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