‘The summer night smiles three times’

Published 10:54 am Friday, February 10, 2012

Fredrika (left, Alexa Hughes) with her grandmother, Madame Armfeldt (Mary Meyers) rehearsing for Tryon Little Theater’s “A Little Night Music.” (photo by Lorin Browning)

TLT’s ‘A Little Night Music’ opens Feb. 17
In Stephen Sondheim’s musical “A Little Night Music,” the eccentric Madame Armfeldt, as part of her instruction to her solemn and serious granddaughter, Fredrika, tells her, “The summer night smiles three times.”
Mme. Armfeldt’s other teachings include thoughts on romance – “Never marry, or even dally with, a Scandinavian… They are all insane.” – and suffering loss – “To lose a lover or even a husband or two during the course of one’s life can be vexing. But to lose one’s teeth is a catastrophe.”
In the Tryon Little Theater’s production, Mme. Armfeldt is played by Mary Meyers and Fredrika is played by Alexa Hughes.
Meyers moved to Tryon in 2008 after spending the most recent 24 years commuting from New Jersey to New York City as a member of the Metropolitan Opera Chorus, an accomplishment for which they will honor her in New York this coming April. In this production, Meyers will sing the well-known “Liaisons.”

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