All things considered

Published 11:45 am Friday, February 3, 2012


I have a dear friend named Chuck who is always there for my cause and many others. He is a quiet, unassuming man of deeds and not words.
Every now and then, which is quite often, he will hand me $100 and say, “this is for your kids.”  I am humbled by him but that’s okay, I know that humility is good for the soul.  There are others like him but for the purpose of this tale, I choose to recognize Chuck, who would never dream of bringing attention to himself.
There is an old and magnificent movie called, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” I’m sure most of my older readers are familiar with it.  In it there is a scene where there’s a run on the bank and George Bailey is trying desperately to keep the doors open of his savings and loan.
Everyone wants all of their money and George is trying to explain that their money is invested to help other people, could they please just take what they need to tide them over. One older lady says, “one dollar and eight cents will get me through the week.”  Don’t forget, this is a very old movie. George tearfully reaches over and kisses her as he counts out the money.
Some time ago Barbara lost her beloved deerhound. Shortly thereafter she decided to try and get another deerhound for it was a breed she had come to know and love. She contacted a reputable breeder in Florida and asked if they had any dogs she could rescue.
After being approved she was told there was a 2-year-old and a 7-year-old available to her.  Barbara, being who she is, obviously took the seven year old.  I have recently visited the large, beautiful and oh so loving Stella, Barbara’s deerhound.  Stella stole my heart in an instant and thoroughly enjoyed our interaction just as much as I did.
Barbara has fallen on some hard times and a few weeks ago made a call to me, which I know was difficult for her to do.
“Lennie, I wonder if you could help me?”
“What do you need Barbara?”
“I’ve just purchased heartworm preventative for Stella and was hoping you could purchase the next one for her till I get caught up, it’s $30.”  I immediately welled up with tears, for though big things humble me, small things truly move me.
Once a lady sent me $2 and a beautiful letter and I wept for half an hour while reading it. What I did for Barbara, Stella and her two beautiful cats is unimportant. What she did for me was far more valuable.
“God bless you Lennie,” Barbara said, “I’ll have a mass said for you.”
“Now we’re talking,” I thought, putting in a good word for me and my kids is more than I could ask for, all things considered.”
Thanks for listening.

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