Working together

Published 4:15 pm Friday, January 27, 2012

To the Editor:
What seems to have been mainly missed in President Obama’s State of the Union address was his repeated reference to “working together,” without which none of the things he proposed will be accomplished.
Which fact he also stressed. Unless and until our government, our nation and our world learn to work together, nothing much can and will be accomplished in this present age. We can’t do it alone anymore. It takes the belief in and the willingness to work together that will accomplish what is needed, what is possible and what at present seems impossible.
The cynics and the disillusioned will say it is impossible to “work together” in our present divisive climate, and the media seem too often to echo this untruth by the news they choose to give us. It takes opening your eyes and looking around you to find all the evidence to the contrary.
President Obama’s appeal doesn’t have to go unheard. His words and, yes, accomplishments, and so many others’ unsung words and accomplishments, in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, are there to see and emulate. Look, and then choose to “work together” with every one and any one who sees this is the road to healing our world.
– Carol Frantz, Columbus

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