Put our Steinway B to good use

Published 4:36 pm Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To the Editor:

Is it possible to fall in love with more than a dozen lovely ladies in one afternoon? It is if they play instruments and sing as these ladies did for a full house at the ICC auditorium recently.

This is not a review of the Foothills Music Club program, for about all this country boy could offer is that he enjoyed every minute of it!

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The club was founded some 24 years ago by Leslie Oakes to (1) encourage musicians to stay “in practice” by performing for each other and sometimes for the public and (2) to offer music scholarships to promising young people. They do not charge admission for their programs, but “offering baskets” are placed at the exits to fatten their scholarship fund. After hearing one of their scholarship winners play beautifully, who would not contribute? The club has awarded some $36,000 so far!

The Steinway B grand piano in the auditorium was given to the college by the community when the school opened. The school has no budget for the care of this world-class instrument, so it is tuned only when someone wants to use it in a program. The last two times I tuned it were for Foothills, and it required multiple tunings to get it stabilized at pitch both times.

I have been working with the college administration to increase the usage of the piano, but we have not succeeded. It should be played some every week to keep the action working and tuned several times a year to keep it up to pitch. I would like to see area piano teachers use it for their recitals, and musicians practice on it regularly, in addition to more music programs built around it for public enjoyment.

Would people pay a modest fee to play a Steinway for an hour? Outdoor concerts do well in Our Area, but does no one want to play inside for a more intimate audience? Call me at 828-894-2505 or the school at 894-3092 with your ideas for getting this fine piano played more!

– Garland O. Goodwin, Registered Piano Technician, Columbus