Polk deer hunting season not extended two weeks

Published 6:21 pm Thursday, January 12, 2012

Request for extension not yet heard
The Bulletin’s Thursday, Jan. 12 front-page article regarding Polk County’s deer season being extended two weeks this year was incorrect.
The N.C. Rules and Review Commission did change Polk County to moderate deer season classification from conservative classification, but the change approved for this season only allows gun hunters to take a doe during the first six days of the season on private lands, as well as the already allowed last six days of the season on private lands. All other dates gun hunters can only take bucks.
“The only difference will be that the first week of the gun deer season will be either-sex on private lands and the last week will continue to be either-sex on private lands as before.  The new law allows for 6 additional either sex opportunity days to harvest deer,” said Toby Jenkins, North Carolina Wildlife Officer for Polk County. “The either-sex season for game lands will remain the last day of season, Saturday only.”
It was assumed that the change to moderate season would give Polk County the same rules as Rutherford and Cleveland counties, which allow hunting an additional two weeks in December.
“Cleveland and Rutherford, although in the Western Deer season, have a special extended season,” said N.C. Rules Biologist Kate Pipken.
This extended season does not yet apply to Polk County, however.
N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Legislative Liaison Chris Dillon said Polk County commissioners’ request to give Polk the same special two-week extension as Rutherford and Cleveland counties can be looked at for the next season. Commissioners made the request to the state in October 2011.

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