Zorro, just an ordinary dog

Published 3:42 pm Friday, January 6, 2012


Around three years ago I told a tale called “the every dog.”  It was my interpretation of the labrador retriever and all the things this amazing breed can do and do well.
I also told of how the most common dog in our country is the Lab mix.  Over my years at FHS, I can’t recall a single time we haven’t had at least one lab mix at the shelter and often many.
A few months back we had a sweet little black lab mix at the shelter named Zorro. Though I knew him, my interaction with him was minimal, after all he was just another lab mix and I had bigger fish to fry.  This doesn’t mean I didn’t care for this boy and I was very pleased when I learned he was adopted into a loving family.
On the 28th of December I had the privilege to speak at Kiwanis for the second time. After our Q and A I received a nice $100 check from a supporter for my personal fund. I was summoned to another table where Bob and Rosemary said they’d meet me the next day at FHS with a large donation to my fund for Lennie’s kids.
The next day I received a call from Lani at the shelter.
“Lennie, we have a dog in trouble that may need assistance from your fund.” “What’s up Lani?”
“Do you remember Zorro?”
“Sure, a cute little lab mix.”
“The family that adopted him is frantic, he developed a cough and it was learned he has a severe heartworm infestation. The bill for the treatment is $500 and they can’t afford it right now.”
“Okay Lani, I’ll authorize payment out of my fund, tell them not to worry.”  “You’re the best Lennie.”
“That’s what the money is for, dear.”
Later that afternoon I met with Bob and Rosemary from Kiwanis and after giving them a tour of the facility and introducing them to my kids I received a check for $1,000.
“God bless you,” I said, fighting back tears, “you haven’t any idea the good this money will do.”
“No, God bless you Lennie, and it’s our pleasure.”
I then produced Zorro’s bill and said, “This is what you have done.”
Bob smiled and said, “there’s enough there to do another one.”
I hugged him so hard I think I may have bruised a few of the sweet old gentleman’s ribs.
A few days later I received this email:
“On a Friday about four months ago we discovered the best dog in the entire world. I know everyone thinks that about their dog, but he’s just perfect.  My son and I met him, the shelter let him out into an open field to interact with us.  He didn’t run away or run wild but sat in front of my son while he petted him nonstop. With tears in my eyes I looked at my son while he hugged Zorro’s neck softly and I knew we were bonded forever. Zorro went home with us to Inman and has been a favorite of our family and everyone he meets. He is the most gentle lab mix I have ever met. I think sometimes he would rather be petted than eat. He will stay as long as you will for petting. He can’t get enough loving but that’s great because our family has plenty to give him.
We are blessed that God led us to Foothills Humane Society where we found our missing family member. He even gets along with our indoor cat but I think he just lets her think she is the boss.
Thank you so much Mr. Rizzo for such a blessing. You have blessed Zorro as well as our entire family. I am glad that there are still people in the world like you. I hope Zorro can see you again one day.”
– Mandie Roberts
As I stated earlier, Zorro is just another ordinary lab mix, but you try telling that to the Roberts family.
Thanks for listening.

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