Show your grantors that project is sustainable

Published 10:12 am Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In the last article we shared the steps for developing the fifth step of the proposal process – the evaluation section.
In this article we will continue to talk about the steps for writing a successful grant, but focusing on the sustainability section of the narrative.
Now that you have written your evaluation section for the program or project that you are seeking funding for the next step in the grant narrative is the sustainability section. In this section you will walk the funder through how you will sustain this project or program after the grant has ended.
Many funders do not want to be the only source of revenue or support for a project or program. If they are the sole funders, this usually means that when their grant money runs out the program or project is in danger of not continuing.
Funders do not want to have the reputation of funding a program that will fail in year two due to the lack of funding.
In the sustainability section you want to make sure and list any additional funds that are committed to the project or program.
This should include committed funds from individual donors, corporate sponsors or other grants that the organization has been awarded for this program/project. Be sure to also include in-kind donations as well, such as donated meeting space or equipment.
The most important question to answer in this section is; will the program/project continue past the grant funding and if so how will it be sustainable? If it will not continue past the grant funding ensure that you explain that this grant proposal is a limited time program/project.
If you have indicated in this section that the program/project will continue past the grant funding, explain in great detail how this will happen.  Examples to include in this section could include some of the following; fee for service, memberships, annual fund-raising campaign (restricted to this program/project), corporate sponsorships, social media campaigns, or entrepreneurial business ventures.
The next article will continue the steps for writing the grant, focusing on the sixth step of the proposal – organizational information.

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