New traffic light pattern in Columbus

Published 5:24 pm Friday, December 16, 2011

A new left turn light has been installed at the intersection of Walker and Mills streets in Columbus. The new traffic light pattern is designed to reduce back-ups on Houston Road and Walker Street and improve flow of traffic through the intersection. (photo by Leah Justice)

Recently, the Department of Transportation (DOT) fulfilled a request by the Town of Columbus to study and, if necessary, change the traffic light pattern at the intersection of Mills and Walker streets. The previous traffic light pattern severely limited the number of vehicles turning left out of Walker Street onto Mills Street. Typically, only two to three vehicles were able to turn left through the intersection at a given interval, resulting in further back-ups down Walker Street.
The new pattern allows for dedicated movement coming from only one direction. When traffic is stopped at a red light on Mills Street, only one cross road – either Houston Road or Walker Street – will be able to move through the intersection. There is a new dedicated left turn light at the intersection, and those traveling left from Walker Street onto Mills Street will now be able to get through the light more easily and often once it changes.
These changes should reduce back-ups on both Houston and Walker Street and result in a more continuous flow of traffic through the intersection.
Please contact Columbus Town Hall if you have any questions regarding this new pattern.
– article submitted by Columbus Manager Jonathan Kanipe

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