Huskies, chihuahuas, labs: Large and small, I love them all

Published 8:26 am Friday, December 9, 2011

Jericho (photo submitted)

Before I get into today’s case, there are a few little odds and ends I wish to tie up.
Rocker, a sweet lab Husky mix, whose heartworm treatment was handled by Lennie’s Fund, is well and off to a rescue as soon as a ride becomes available.
Cynthia, the 15-year-old beagle with rotten teeth who was part of last week’s story, is strong and doing well. Whatever treatments necessary will be handled by Lennie’s Fund.
The old and frail lab-golden retriever mix who was loaded with tumors and could hardly move was quietly put to sleep. For three days she had the softest blankets, the plushest toys and the best, most tasty food we could find. It was a heartwarming experience to see her old tail slowly thump with any attention given her.
Please do not be sad – she left us in peace, comfort and dignity, a great victory to what the alternative could have been.
Jersey, the tiny 3-to-4-pound chihuahua who was rescued from a puppy mill, is also being supported by Lennie’s Fund; she may be next week’s story.
Sweet little Titan, the deaf and blind old chihuahua found dumped on the road, has been picked up by its owner. It seems he had been stolen and was dumped when it was learned how old and disabled he was. God bless this caring owner.
By the way, we learned that Titan is 19 years old and it’s obvious he’s still very much loved and cared for by his owner.
Now, let me introduce you to Jericho:
Jericho is a stunningly beautiful chocolate lab who came to us as a stray the second week of October. He is approximately 1½ years of age, sweet with people and cagemates and totally blind.
We’ve learned from veterinarians that he hasn’t any degenerative problems and his blindness was probably caused by humans, most likely through poison.
If you know me at all you’d know that I couldn’t help but give this boy as much attention as I could afford. I like to sit in his cage and speak softly with him as I stroke his body. Jericho gives off the low “mmmph” sound of contentment.
I’ll walk by his dog run and say, “Hey Jericho, Uncle Lennie has a cookie,” and he’ll come over and press his nose to the gate as I slip a treat through to him. Jericho knows my voice, my smell and my touch, which by the way is exactly how your dog knows you.
Once he learns the parameters of his environment both inside and outside, you’d probably soon forget that he is blind. Please come to FHS and give this poor, sweet, loving boy a chance.
Don’t let the actions of some cruel, heartless and dumb people ruin the hopes of one of my kids to have a good life. I’ll bet he’ll make your life better also.
Thanks for listening.

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