Columbus family’s dog shot through throat with arrow

Published 7:14 pm Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Saturday, Nov. 19 Kenneth Lupo’s wife, Gail, walked outside their Columbus home to find their 3-year-old hound lying in the backyard not moving and bleeding from his mouth.
What the Lupos discovered when Ken rushed Baron to the vet was beyond anything they could imagine; their dog had been shot in the mouth with an arrow.


“I’ve never heard of someone doing something this cruel,” Lupo said. “You’ve heard of a hunter out hunting and accidentally hitting a dog, but nothing this cruel. This was torture.”
The vet at Boiling Springs Animal Hospital confirmed through x-rays that an arrow with the end broken off was lodged in the dog’s throat. The vet removed the arrow but noted the dog had lost a considerable amount of blood and had already begun to experience hypothermia. The dog died in trauma, Lupo said.
“A member of our family has just been brutally murdered and it seems no one can help,” Lupo said. “It baffles me that some monster thinks his deer hunting is more important than a dog’s life.”
Lupo said he has filed a report with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Polk County Animal Control Officer Michael Herman could not be reached for comment on the incident.
Lupo said regardless of whether the person who killed his dog is punished, he wants people to understand that there are individuals who do such cruel things to other people’s animals.
“For Baron’s sake I want to get out there and push this issue as far as I can so no one does this to a dog again,” Lupo said.

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