From whom all blessings follow

Published 10:02 am Friday, November 18, 2011

Jewel (photo submitted)

Over the past five years or so, a great many animals have crossed my path.  Most fade to the back of my mind and only come to the forefront when something or someone brings them back to my attention.  But there are a select few who have branded their names upon my heart so deeply that a mere memory instantly brings them to mind.
Dear sweet Jewel is, and will always be one of those animals. Jewel came to my attention in early March when at three months old she was sent from the shelter to Landrum vet. The poor pup was having trouble breathing and was thought to have pneumonia.
The Frosty fund that was caring for her ran out of money and I took her on as one of my special cases. Dana Meyer lovingly calls Jewel my six million dollar dog. Though we have never found a cure for Jewel, she constantly grows stronger with what we can do for her. Jewel warms my heart and that of anyone who comes into contact with her.
Before I go on I simply must acknowledge all the angels and saints who have been sent my way on her behalf.  My wonderful anonymous couple who helped with Snowy also helped greatly with Jewel’s medicine. Another great supporter, Dr. Robert Jones supplies her vitamins and has helped with her boarding.  Josh and Astrid at Dogwood Farms  move mountains and give me every benefit when one of my kids is in need. I’m also grateful for all the folks at the vets offices and F.H.S. who put up with my antics and demands. Believe me, I am not fun to be around when one of my kids  is in trouble.
Jewel has been leaving Dogwood Farms and going home with a great couple whose little Jack Russell simply adores her.  I explained that her vitamins and antibiotics will always be available for her and I would cover any visit to the vet they deemed necessary. Josh vouched for the couples reliability and it seemed Jewel may soon have a caring and loving home.
I was awash with excitement, because Jewel’s welfare has been a daily part of my prayers. Everything was in place and was explained and understood and I could sense the deep love this sweet couple expressed toward my Jewel.
Two days later Jewel was brought to F.H.S. to be adopted, tagged and micro chipped.  When this beautiful, happy faced little girl was brought to the shelter the place was buzzing with excitement, as if royalty was in town.  And it was. I knelt to greet her and jewel gave me her kiss of greeting as I heard Dana whisper, “It’s a miracle.”
As everything was being handled, Emily (Smiley) our new board chief, pulled me aside and asked, “Lennie, what is her life expectancy?”
“God bless you, dear,” I answered, patting her cheek, “at this point her life span is indefinite.”
Smiley tearfully nodded in understanding.
The only way I know to thank those who help me and my kids is to sincerely say “God bless you.”
When Jewel was driven off to her new and hopefully long life, I left the shelter and slowly walked around the compound. Huge tears of joy and gratitude fell as I thanked Him from whom all blessings come.
“I cannot thank you, Lord as I do everyone else, for You are the font of all blessings. You knew from the moment You placed Jewel in my care that her life span was indefinite. You sent all those angels and saints in my path to help me make it so. Thank you for the blessings bestowed upon me that I may help in some small way to assist Your beautiful creations. I hope You don’t mind that I call them my kids.
I have often received great praise for the work I do and I humbly accept but I never forget that all honor and glory belong to Him, from whom all blessings flow.
God bless and thanks for listening.

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