Anti-Bullying month at Polk County Middle School

Published 1:01 pm Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Peer Helpers Adriana Talley, Mireya Casas, Victor Santos, Eamon Hennigar, Nicolas Barwell, Patrick Stimac, Anamarie Gundersen, Michaela Villecco and Annica Wilson get ready to share the Wolverine Bill of Rights in homerooms to kick off Anti-Bullying Month at PCMS. (photo submitted by Carlann Scherping)

October was National Anti-Bullying month and Polk County Middle School held activities all month long to bring awareness to this issue. Peer Helpers presented a Wolverine Bill of Rights to each homeroom to kick off the beginning of the month-long activities. Peer Helpers read the rights to students and then gave each teacher a mini poster to hang in each room. These rights will be displayed all year in each classroom to remind everyone to treat others they way they deserve to be treated.
Students were then given a chance to participate in a t-shirt design contest. Many students had wonderful drawings, quotes and ideas. Mitchell Brown in 8th grade won the contest and also won a free T-shirt.
Throughout the month the counselors promoted kindness, respect and dignity, which is included every morning with announcements. Sixth-graders focused on kindness and bullying. They discussed the importance of recognizing bullying when it happens and what they can do to stop it. Seventh graders focused on respect in regards to themselves, others and the environment. Eighth graders focused on dignity. They discussed what dignity really is, focused on thinking positively and then tried to think of ways they could be kind, show respect and or dignity at PCMS.
Teachers in each grade level also had special lessons revolving about the topic of anti-bullying. Some wrote essays or journals, while others made posters.
Peer Helpers gave special announcements each week revolving around anti-bullying topics and Peer Helpers sponsored a pledge signing in the cafeteria during the last week of the month. Students were given the opportunity to sign a pledge saying they would treat everyone with the kindness, respect and dignity they deserved.
Prinicpal Hank Utz said it was good to focus a month with an anti-bullying theme.
“It is something we believe is important, not just for the month of October, but for all months,” said Utz.
“Every student should have the right to come to school in a friendly, cooperative, and respectful environment.  I have to say, with the many places I have been in education, the students in Polk County are the best.”
– article submitted by Carlann Scherping

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