Coincidence? You make the call

Published 9:11 am Thursday, November 10, 2011

Teddy (photo submitted)

It all began at Tryon Federal Bank, where I was making a small deposit into the fund for “Lennie’s Kids.”
As I completed the deposit, I was approached by my cousin Teddy, who is a huge animal lover and supporter of my cause.  Teddy brought in Queenie, the king snake and was highly instrumental in the case of Ranger the dog who was struck by a car.
“Lennie, don’t go anywhere, I just received some back pay from my pension fund in Florida and I want to give you the first check for your kids.”
“Teddy are you sure you can afford this? You do enough for my kids.”
“I wouldn’t if I couldn’t. This is especially for what you did for Ranger.”
I glanced at the check for the first time, it was for $1,000.
“God bless you Cuz” (what I normally call him) I answered him, giving him a hug and fighting hard to hold back my tears.
The tellers at Tryon Federal were also having trouble holding back their emotions as they listened to our conversation.
I slid the check over to the teller and said, “God is good, isn’t He?” She just nodded, seemingly feeling that if she spoke she would lose it.
When I arrived home there was a message from Landrum vet about a cat that was backed over by a car and damaged his right leg and hip. I called and asked the particulars and was told the lady who brought him in would keep him but couldn’t afford the operation.
“How old is he and can you save the leg?” I asked.
“He’s a sweet orange tabby that’s about a year old and he won’t stop purring even though he’s injured.”
“Okay,” I laughed, “I’m sold but can you save the leg?”
“Dr. Maiolo says he can, he’s done this before with great success, he’ll have a pin and a splint for awhile till he heals.”
“Will it cost less than a thousand dollars? I said, laughing again, thinking of my cousin Teddy.
“Dr. Maiolo says $850 and as low as $650 if there aren’t any complications.”
“Okay sweetheart, I’ll be in tomorrow after work to meet him and bring a check for his care.”
The next day I went to Landrum vet to meet the new kid on the block. The staff weren’t kidding, the sweet boy was a purr machine. I never ceased to be moved when an injured animal keeps all the love in its’ heart through all the pain.
Up front as I was making out the check for the cat’s care, the staff piped up again, “God bless you Lennie, you’re the best.”
“Cut that out,” I replied, (sternly but mockingly) “that boy is exactly what my funds are for.”
As I was set to leave I turned back and asked, “By the way, what’s his name?”
“Oh,” they answered, “we’ve named him Teddy.”
Thanks for listening.

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