Thoughts from a not-a-star alto of the Community Chorus

Published 4:33 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mark Schweizer?
Oh, you mean the guy from TFAC’s “Do It Yourself ‘Messiah’”? And he writes funny books, right? He’s directing the Community Chorus now?
I really like Richard Kennedy… am not good with change. After missing the chorus’ first rehearsal due to a trip to Canada, I didn’t know what to expect from this new director. I’m just an “okay” alto, can’t sightread well, work too hard at getting to know my music. This is only my third “season” with the chorus. Boy, have I struggled with some of the music in the past… some alto friendly, but most not … at least for me. I will certainly give my fellow altos the benefit of the doubt.
Dear community, you are in for a treat on Sunday, Dec. 11, when you are part of the audience watching and listening to the Community Chorus sing to Mark Schweizer’s direction. A lot of Mark’s music will be featured. But, so is “Carol of the Bells,” et al. It’s all fabulous. And his direction at rehearsals?
Well, let’s just say I feel like I’ve had a voice lesson after Monday’s rehearsals, and it is so much fun. I leave humming the tune. We are all having a ball. I’m sure we’ll have as much fun, if not more, during the concert. And so will you.
Put Dec. 11 on your calendar now. Polk County High School Auditorium at 3 p.m. Don’t forget, ticket sales benefit the scholarship fund of the Rotary Club of Tryon. It’s all good.
– Ellen Harvey Zipf, Columbus

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