Giving up is not an option

Published 2:31 pm Friday, October 28, 2011

Raisin came to F.H.S. a few months ago, found as a stray near Route 14 and Red Fox Road.
She is a 5 year old brindle Boxer mix.  Except for the fact that I liked spending time with her because of the joy and enthusiasm she  displayed when attention was given to her, I wasn’t concerned about her.  Raisin would stagger a bit and sort of lose her equilibrium now and then, so she was sent to Dr. Maiolo for an evaluation.
At that time it was learned she had neurological problems, perhaps a tumor, but most likely distemper as a pup. I was approached by one of my favorite board members, (Emily, who I often call Smiley because she always seems to have one on her face.)
“Lennie, do you think something could be done about Raisin?”
“She’s sweet, isn’t she?” I replied.
“We could send her to the Upstate specialists in Greenville,” I went on, “tell them to bill Lennie’s fund at the shelter.
Ask them to reevaluate and to recommend treatment and costs, and we’ll go from there.”  Smiley gave me a hug of thanks, which is always fun.
A few days later a volunteer took Raisin to the Upstate clinic and waited for the results. My schedule did not afford me the time to make the trip so I want to take a moment to say, “God bless many of the board members and volunteers who put in the time to help these precious animals.”
The diagnosis came back pretty much confirming what we’d already known but it would cost $2,500 to $3,000 more for further tests and an M.R.I. to be sure.  We were asked to contact Noah’s Ark, a wonderful last chance organization out of Greenville.
Kayla handled the communications, sending photos and explaining Raisin’s story, letting them know that I would handle treatments if they’d handle the evaluation. The response came back that they would like to help but Raisin has had these problems too long and they felt treatment wouldn’t be of any use.
When I heard the news I went in and sat with Raisin and she immediately climbed all over me giving me all the love she could muster. I began to kiss and hug her as tears flowed down my face.
“You are what you are sweet girl, but I for one think you’re perfect.”
“Thank you Uncle Lennie,” she replied.
These cases are exactly the reason why I do what I do.  In the past, cases such as these did not have a chance at life just because they were dealt a bad hand.
Please come and visit Raisin and don’t forget about my precious Jewel. I could never fully express how much love and joy these girls would bring into your life.
I haven’t given up on them, please don’t you, for these are truly my Special Cases.
Thanks for listening.

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