Tryon Little Theatre’s ‘My Three Angels’

Published 4:41 pm Friday, October 21, 2011

The comedy “My Three Angels,” is set in 1910 French Guiana, on the Atlantic coast of South America, just north of Brazil. The temperature is 105 degrees outside and pretty much the same inside.
French Guiana’s Devil’s Island penal colony frequently furnishes convicts as cheap labor to local residents and right now three are up on the Ducotels’ roof of their combination home and shop making repairs.
In the Tryon Little Theater’s Nov. 10 – 20 production of Sam and Bella Spewack’s highly popular play, “My Three Angels” features inept, kind, honest Felix Ducotel and his wife, Emilie. They fear they are about to be booted out of their home and shop by Felix’s, greedy cousin Henri Trochard. Meanwhile, their beautiful daughter, Marie Louise, is desperately in love with Henri’s nephew Paul, who is completely under Henri’s thumb, and slated to marry a singularly unattractive girl who comes with a lot of money. And there’s crafty Madame Parole, who has made an art form of running up an unpaid tab at the Ducotels’ shop.
There are also three convicts: Joseph, a superb salesman who could sell ice cubes to penguins and is in jail for masterful swindling; Jules, a kind man at heart who was forced by circumstance to strangle his unfaithful wife; and Alfred, who dreams of romance but finds himself hampered by being incarcerated for killing his step-father with a poker.
On Christmas Eve, while up on the roof, they overhear the various serious dilemmas the Ducotels find themselves in, and being the souls of kindness underneath, the three convicts decide to make everything right again.
Director Lavin Cuddihee has announced his cast. Appearing as Felix, Emilie and Marie Louise Ducotel are TLT veterans John Hugill, Carol Cox and Mattie Carruth. As bombastic Henri, John Calure, with his nephew Paul played by Alex Tapp. As Madame Parole, Joanne Alderman. As a visiting lieutenant, Alan Searcy. In the roles of the three convicts: Edward Harrelson as Joseph; Joshua Moffitt as Jules; and making his TLT debut as Alfred, Jeremy Wood.
The box office will open Thursday, Oct. 27 and after be open Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the TLT Workshop, 516 S. Trade St. Telephone reservations are accepted at 828-859-2466.
– article submitted by Connie Clark

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