When a house is a home

Published 10:41 am Friday, September 30, 2011

It’s almost never the case that I don’t have something to write about, ongoing stories that have not reached a conclusion and new ones that pop up each week.
There are some cases I simply do not write about, but the people and the animals know that Uncle Lennie was there to help.  For example, within the last few days there was a little Shepherd mix that was struck by a car. A dear lady who has multiple sclerosis who needs a therapy dog that I have visited, but today’s tale is about a different sort of visit.
Last week I was invited to a supporter’s home where I was welcomed and treated with impeccable hospitality. I can honestly say I had a wonderful time and the level of warmth bestowed on me was both flattering and heartfelt. It was a magnificent home that featured every amenity a person could desire, along with beautiful antiques and artwork strewn about.
When I left I felt very good about the visit but I felt as if something was missing. I enjoyed it like a night at the opera or a visit to a museum, except for the warmth of the people, it will stay on my mind but not in my heart.
On the contrary, I often visit homes that contain one or more pets and many with multiple pets. Most of these are also magnificent homes with all the amenities. These people seem to be always fighting animal hair, stains from mistakes and the ability to dole out their love equally. With each visit I’m always greeted by the pets before the people and when I leave the visit, it remains engraved on my heart. That is because I firmly believe a pet transforms a house into a home.
I am well aware that many good people do not own a pet for many reasons, allergies, costs or perhaps they just don’t fit into their lifestyle.
If none of these are the case, please visit us at the Foothills Humane Society (FHS) and look at some of the beautiful animals we have to offer. I promise that if you save one of my kids, you will receive unconditional love and they will most assuredly change your house into a home or perhaps add to your already loving home.
On behalf of me and my kids, thanks for listening.

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