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Published 5:27 pm Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To the Editor:
Critics say all things bad have been created by President Obama. I disagree.
The bailout implemented by G.W. Bush as he exited office has been blamed on Mr. Obama, not to mention that it saved GM, Chrysler and numerous banks – banks that hold millions of good mortgages. So how bad was that? Let’s see, GM alone employs 210,000 people in the auto industry, not to mention related industries. Maybe GM should have been allowed to go into bankruptcy so we could have had a depression like in the thirties. Since the banking fiasco and the worldwide depression, millions of jobs have been lost – 8.4 million in the U.S. alone.
The much-maligned stimulus package created jobs, about 1 million jobs. But that did little to plug an 8.4-million job hole. If you listen to the Tea Party, the stimulus created zero jobs. And any new stimulus will also create zero jobs, so say the opponents. The very sad truth is that many of the 8.4 million jobs lost will never come back.
The depression of the thirties turned around when money became available, demand increased and jobs opened. We are in a new place with little demand for American products and many products coming from outside America. Big industry, our supposed savior, sent jobs outside of America for profit; the rich look out for the rich. I’m almost sure Obama did that, too. I’m not sure how, but I’m sure just the same.
Just as a side note – one of America’s most beloved institutions, Goldman Sachs, made billions selling toxic mortgages while knowing they were trash. They made billions when Wall Street crashed and were first in line at the bailout and gave nice fat bonuses to their executives. That was our money they received. The bad news is no one has gone to prison yet, but I’m hopeful. I’m feeling really bad for the rich, maligned and mistreated.
Then, of course, there is that horrid health care bill costing billions.
Interesting, only very limited provisions have kicked in yet, but it’s good to get the fear factor revved up in advance. Keep people from having health care so they are forced to go to hospital emergency rooms where they get treatment that costs about $1,300 per visit. I think we could spend money more wisely if we just give people the opportunity to get reasonably priced health care.
Rumor, innuendo and fear are paralyzing America. Many people are scared to death. Fear is a wonderful tool.  If you keep people scared, you can lead them around and make them believe whatever you tell them.
The Tea Party is willing to let the greatest nation on earth go into default to make a point. Their points are to slash spending, slash all entitlement programs and no increase in taxes. They claim that will balance the budget. Not only is that thinking foolhardy, now we look like fools in front of the entire world – smooth move. Oh, and don’t let me forget we have been downgraded, too!
Let’s see what really created this huge deficit. George Bush and Dick Cheney led us into two wars and eight years of unbridled spending, and then lowered taxes for the rich. I’m pretty sure Obama caused that, too.
Obviously, as a nation we need to cut spending and balance the budget. Asking the rich to pay their fair share isn’t stealing from them, as they claim. It’s just fair that we all pay the same tax rate. No special treatment for the rich. That trickle-down nonsense was never true but the rich would love for you to buy that too.
Just remember during the Civil War the rich could pay their way out of conscription and not have to serve in the Army. Money has always had special powers.
The rich are the powerful and they own big industry. We are the pawns. I wouldn’t waste too much energy worrying about them.
Historically, the rich have had little compassion for the poor. Remember the ruling class has said: “Let them eat cake.”
– Rocco Lioneth

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