Political season observations

Published 5:33 pm Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To the Editor:
I have decided to start off the political season with a few observations. It seems that is important to the whole debate over whom may be the one to be chosen to lead us for the next four years.
First, and foremost, whoever is elected has a hard row to hoe. You have moderate Republicans, Tea Party Republicans, left-wing Democrats and moderate Democrats… not a bad mix if they would at least talk to each other.
The two extremes, Tea Party and Left Wing, have no dialogue – zero, nada. So we are at a stalemate where they are concerned. Let’s forget them and move on to the mainstream.
In the Florida debate, Bachman, Perry and Romney sliced and diced and cut each other at every turn. Perry and Bachman were really bitter about each other. Romney jabbed and feinted and had great hair – just the right amount of executive gray around the edges. Huntsman had been to a barber and had a great hair style but no substance.
Cain and Santorum were so out of their league it was almost laughable. That left us with Gingrich and Paul. Both seemed prepared to talk about the issues and both seemed ready to deal with and express their views on the issues.
Ron Paul won California Republican convention straw poll this past weekend. Did you hear about it on the mainstream media? Nope. He is not the darling of the media, but what I hope is that people pay attention and listen to what he says. Is it all perfect? No. But is he telling us the truth? Yes.
Instead of what we want to hear and what is popular with the lobbyist? Yes. And the Newtster is doing the same. We may not like what we hear, we may not like to deal with the other side. But if we are to be successful in returning America to what we think it should be, the rancor and hate needs to stop.
To quote Dennis Miller, “That’s just my opinion, I may be wrong.”
– David Bivens, Columbus

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