Landrum election disputes to go to Spartanburg County

Published 6:18 pm Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It’s been a long time since Landrum has had any serious dispute over election results, according to city clerk Bunny Brelsford.
But this year, if an issue arises with regard to votes, the complaint must go to the county election commission, not a local commission.
Mayor Robert Briggs brought up the possibility of handing over election disputes to Spartanburg County at the last city council meeting held Tuesday, Sept. 13.
“Because election commissions are now being required to have more formal training, many counties including Spartanburg are taking on the role of running elections for towns,” Briggs said.
The additional training, Brelsford said, would also mean additional funds out of the city coffers because the city would have to foot the bill for citizens on the commission to participate in added training sessions.
She said it was difficult enough to get volunteers for the commission.
“It’s one of those things that would be easier for the county to do it,” Brelsford said. “Before, if you had a problem you’d have to line up three people willing to give their time and often take off work to settle an issue. There aren’t many people willing to do that anymore.”
Spartanburg County already has a strong role in local elections. Currently, the city clerk provides the list of candidates to the county, which then creates the ballots and counts the votes for the city.
The council agreed handing things over to the county elections commission would be a good move and unanimously approved the change Tuesday, Sept. 14.
The county elections commission will step in beginning in November should election disputes arise.

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