Another day in the life

Published 9:53 am Friday, September 16, 2011

Bojangles (photo submitted)

I decided to take a week off from the actual physical labor at Foothills Humane Society to give these old bones a rest and get caught up on a few things.
It was Wednesday, or perhaps Thursday, sometimes my days run together, when I had to meet someone at Landrum vet at 7:30 a.m.
My dear wife, Elaine, asked what was on my agenda as I was leaving.
“Just a few things to tie up,” I said smiling.
I was meeting a single mom who had been laid off from a good paying job and was now working part time with good friends and supporters.
Her dogs, Pokie, a shitzupoo, and Muffin, a golden lab mix, needed care and necessary vaccinations. She couldn’t afford where she was staying and was downsizing but couldn’t take Muffin along.
She very much wished to keep Muffin if she could and I deemed her a responsible owner so I had already set things in motion.
At the vets office Pokie was put in a cage to be clipped, groomed and examined later that morning as Dr. Maiola tended to Muffin.
I utilized the time to visit with Jewel and told her that tomorrow I intended to take her visiting some good friends and supporters, which by the way I did, that was a fun story in itself.
Muffin checked out okay and we left with some drops for a minor ear infection. By 8:30 a.m. Muffin and her mom were in my car headed toward Dogwood Farms Kennels.
Josh had already been informed and was willing to help me in the matter. Josh and his family at Dogwood Farms are valuable members of my support team and have assisted me often in the past.
Josh greeted us all and then slowly introduced Muffin to the group of 12 or more dogs already in his yard.
In about 15 minutes all tails were up as the dogs happily accepted Muffin to their group.
Muffin expressed her joy by immediately jumping into the pool for a swim. Muffin’s mom was very pleased and all her anxieties faded.
“Josh is very good at this,” I said smiling.
Later I handed Josh some money, which is never enough for what he does for me. Josh asked if I could get some collars to help move dogs around.
“Done,” I told him, “and I’ll be back later to discuss Blossom.”  Blossom is a sweet beautiful 2-year-old Am-Staff whose adopters opted for another dog at the last minute.
Back in my car with Muffin’s mom I headed toward FHS, a slight detour before heading back to Landrum. At the shelter I took a bag and loaded it with collars and harnesses of all sizes for Josh. We have loads of them that we give to adopters when needed.
While there Lani pulled me aside to discuss Bojangles, a sweet little kitten that I’d met a few days earlier. Bo has severe nerve damage in his left front leg and it’s all twisted ala Snowy.
He had been sent to Landrum vet for examination and to see what could be done.
Unfortunately for Bo the best thing for him was amputation and FHS does not have funds for that.
“Call Landrum vet and tell them to go ahead and bill Lennie’s Fund,” I told Lani.
“Thanks Lennie,” Lani replied.
“No thank you Lani, a job well done,” I said.
We left and headed back to Landrum vet where I was immediately greeted by a smiling Elaine and the rest of the staff.  Elaine was holding little Bo in her arms and you could hear him from 10 feet away.
“Give me that little purr machine,” I said, taking him from her.
“Fear not little guy,” I said nuzzling him, “You’ll be joining a very noble team of tripods that are close to my heart and I haven’t any doubt that you’ll be someone’s loving pet.”
I wrote a check for what was owed from my personal fund, save the great discounts Landrum vet affords me and promised to handle the rest when I picked up Jewel tomorrow.
I received a tearful hug of gratitude from the lady I was helping and I told her,
“Just calm down and get your life together, it’ll be better for the dogs and don’t lose your faith in the Lord, believe me, no matter how difficult thing seem, He is the answer.”
I left her waiting for Pokie and headed back for Dogwood Farms, stopping for gas on the way. I stopped to check on Muffin when I arrived and she came to the fence, soaking wet, with a glorious smile on her face.
I delivered the collars and sat down for a wonderful cup of coffee and refused food, telling them that I have some leftover lasagna at home that has my name written all over it.
They were delighted with the collars and I smiled to myself, knowing that often it’s the little things that make the difference.
We then discussed Blossom whom I had met at my last fund raiser where she absolutely dazzled everyone.  It’s too bad her adoption fell through, I probably could of sold her right then and there.
“Oh well, “ I thought, “I once again must trust in God’s plan.”  Josh promised to send me photos and whatever info he had on her, though I knew her story and believe me, it’s typical, her story may come one day.
I left with one more stop to make before heading home, the Frog and Swan to see Randy Grobe. To Randy’s credit, he knew all about Blossom and who had fostered her and saved her from euthanasia. He promised he would assist in finding her a home and I have since added her to Lori Jewel’s website from Pet Tender Angels.
Please realize that my visits are not as quick as when I write them down, so it was nearly two p.m. when I arrived home.
“You have two messages,” my wife said as I was down on one knee loving up my own kids.
“I’ll get them in a bit, darling,” I said smiling, “lasagna first, I’m starving.
Thanks for listening.

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