Jewel, where do I go from here?

Published 10:38 am Friday, September 9, 2011

This precious little girl has everyone baffled.
To date almost $4,000 has been spent on her with more than $3,000 from Lennie’s Fund.
You would not believe the number of caring people who have had a hand in fighting on her behalf.
My anonymous angel who helped with Snowy is sending $75 a month to help with Jewel’s medication. A good friend and supporter, Dr. Jones has been visiting often and set her up with special vitamins that have helped her.
Doctors Raines and Maiola, plus the whole staff at Landrum Vet have been like mother hens in administering her care while absorbing most of her boarding fees.
She came to us at the end of April at three months of age and has been literally growing up in a cage, save the time I and a few others give her some freedom. She is grateful for every moment given to her and reacts lovingly to everyone and everything.
She simply goes back in her cage without a fuss and waits for her next opportunity to interact.
I am madly in love with her and she is tearing me apart.
Our fears are that her lungs are too badly damaged to expect a normal life. For now we are treating the symptoms but are baffled as to the cause, but I hold out hope. She has been probed, examined, tested and administered to by the best minds I know and I’m just praying for a modicum of normal life.
I’m hoping that someone will have the courage and the heart to give her a hospice home (not knowing the outcome) as I continue to monitor her care.
This past Friday I was invited to lunch at Larkin’s by the wonderful couple paying for her medicine. I brought Jewel along to meet them and to give her a few hours of freedom and interaction. Jewel was amazing- not a single person refrained from commenting on her.
“Oh, how adorable.”
“She is darling,” etc. etc. and she responded with love and playfulness to all.
We ate outside as I tethered Jewel’s leash to my chair. The waitress brought her water and chicken scrap. It seemed she was more interested in tending to her than to us, but I did not take offense. Jewel would take her food and toss it in the air in play before eating it.
“Jewel, you’re not a cat,” I said, laughing. She just looked up at me with that joyful smile that sears deep into my heart.
When we returned to Landrum Vet I took her for a walk, then sat on the outside bench with her in my arms. She loves being held and always rewards me with tons of kisses.
“Jewel, darling,” I said to her, “I don’t know what else to do for you. You’re breaking my heart.”
“I’m sorry, Uncle Lennie,” she responded.
“Oh no sweetheart, don’t be sorry. God sent you to me for a reason and somehow I think you’re fulfilling His purpose,” I said.
I brought her back in, gave her a kiss between her eyes and placed her in her cage.
“Thank you Uncle Lennie,” she seemed to say.
“My pleasure, darling, absolutely my pleasure,” I responded.
While sitting in my car I sent up another prayer for Jewel and then the answer dawned on me. Jewel was dealt a pretty bad hand when it comes to the quality of life, yet she accepts every moment given her with gratitude, joy and love.
Perhaps this is the message the good Lord means to convey.  We should not lament on all the problems life throws our way, instead we should be grateful for the very life given us and live it to the fullest.
Thanks for listening.

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