You all have sent me over the moon

Published 11:48 am Friday, August 26, 2011

I am instantly drawn to an animal or even a child that has what we call a handicap.
They always turn out to be the most loving souls God has created.  Each animal I have dealt with stay forever fixed in my heart and on my mind.
I had been visiting Popper, a three-legged Pit mix for nearly two years at Pet Tender Angels

and always marveled at her agility and outright love for everything and everyone. I wept for joy when she found a forever home, as did Lori Jewell, who runs PTA. but we both admitted that we missed her.

A few weeks later Noelle arrived at PTA missing her left rear leg. It was still raw from the amputation and she had not yet learned to navigate properly without it. She healed and adapted very quickly and instantly stole the hearts of all who met her.
Each time I visited, she would come over, then plop down for a tummy rub. I met Lori and Noelle at Landrum vet as she was getting her final examination and shots before being sent off to a forever home.
I received a kiss of friendship and Noelle, of course, received her tummy rub as Lori tearfully said, “I’ll miss her.”

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I would now like to share the email both Lori and I received regarding Daisy formally known as Noelle.

“Daisy is adapting wonderfully. She had a few accidents, but I think she is already getting the hang of her new walking routine. My walker is in love with her and took pictures I posted on Facebook yesterday … says she caught Beau and Daisy kissing. LOL. Beau is totally smitten with Daisy. All he wants to do is play with her. He was bugging her so much yesterday, that she finally had to give him a little growl to tell him to give it a rest! He skulked off and sulked in the corner for a bit – it was so funny. I am glad she’s showing him who’s boss.
All Daisy wants to do is be near me and be petted and give lots of kisses-she is the sweetest love bug!
She has an orthopedic memory foam mattress, which she loves, and Beau is sharing all his toys with her like a gentleman.
I took Daisy to my neighbors with a backyard to play with her dog, who is the same size as Daisy. They were tearing around the yard like speed demons! It’s unbelievable how agile she is despite her missing leg!
Everyone who meets her loves her. You were 100 percent right, she is a very, very special girl. Thank you for trusting me to be her mommy! I am honored and completely over the moon happy to have her. Have a great day. Rhiannon”
In closing I’d like to thank Popper and Daisy, also Ned, Donnie and Marie, and sweet Georgia, to name a few, you all have also sent me over the moon.
Thanks for listening.

Daisy (photo submitted)