News Briefs 8/11

Published 4:54 pm Friday, August 12, 2011

Landrum Police monthly report
Landrum Police Chief Bruce Shelnut reported that the department gave out 89 traffic citations during the month of July, making 9 traffic-related arrests. Two of those arrests were DUIs, while four were related to suspended licenses, one for operating an uninsured vehicle, one for hit and run with property damage and one for leaving the scene of an accident. The department also made eight criminal arrests related to assault, domestic violence, shoplifting, trespassing and posession of marijuana.
Landrum Fire sees increase in calls
Chief Jimmy Flynn reported that the Landrum Fire Department responded to 23 calls last month, bringing the total for the year above 120. He said this is about 25 calls more than this time last year. He said the number of summer storms has definitely had an affect.
Landrum fire considers seeking FEMA grant
Chief Jimmy Flynn said the Landrum Fire Department recently ordered a $17,000 fire hose. The funds to purchase the hose came from a FEMA grant. Another grant cycle opens Aug. 15 and the department is considering applying for funds to purchase a 2,500 gallon tanker truck that would provide them better access to water in areas where fire hydrants are not available.
Sept. 11 memorial service planned
Landrum First Baptist Pastor Andy Allen visited the Landrum City Council Aug. 10 to invite council members and the public to a community memorial service marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Allen said the event will take place during the church’s regular Sunday worship service. It will include a special portion honoring each branch of first responders who anserwed the call of duty that day.

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