Our family’s bittersweet move

Published 7:45 am Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It really is a necessary evil at times.
There are very few people who may actually enjoy this sadistic ritual we put ourselves through. Although it can be very cleansing for some, for others it is a royal pain – the act of moving.
Nothing else could be more bittersweet in my mind.
I really don’t like moving. I mean really, who does? All of the labor involved, the organizing, the planning, the hustle and bustle.
At this time of year, of course, there is the profuse sweating involved.  Moving things that you wonder why in the world you continue to hang onto. Shirts that haven’t been worn in years, books I’ve never read, kitchen utensils I forgot I had, kids’ paraphernalia that I wonder if they know the reason they have it. In other words: stuff, stuff and more stuff.
Less is more, right?
How much do we really need? I look at all the things I move and wonder how much of it is actually beneficial to my living.
Refrigerator: Yes, I need that, keeps my food cold and preserved for a moment.
Bed: Maybe. I could survive in a tent on the floor and a blowup mattress.
Clothes: All I need is enough to get me through the week and a little extra to switch up to keep people guessing.
Beauty products: For me, the essentials (toothbrush and soap); for my wife, give her her own personal bathroom to contain all of her possessions and everyone is happy.
Shoes: Ladies, come on, really? The money we would have if women chose not to wear shoes. We could cut the deficit in half right there!
You get the point. It is a very purging ritual, though, to move and go through the things you really don’t need anymore. It really helps to keep the inventory to a minimum.
It also helps if you’re moving to an area that you are extremely excited about. We are currently moving to Tryon. We love the area. My kids are definitely excited about the area also.
After a few days of running around and trying to get a grip on why you have so much “stuff” to move, one really tends to feel very, well, pooped. So, naturally I thought to myself, a nice iced coffee would hit the spot right about now.
Luckily for me, right down the street a new coffee shop opened up. Inside the new thrift store in Tryon called New For You, there just so happens to be one of those great little (organic) coffee havens. I waltzed right in, ordered an iced coffee and had a nice chat with the owner who served me, and did a little shopping while I was at it. You know, because I need more stuff to move, that’s why. They were super friendly and the coffee was wonderful.
Re-juiced and ready to move another load, I walked out into the sweltering sauna outside to allow the iced coffee to ooze out of my pores as I worked up another sweat.
The bittersweetness of it all finally hit me. Yes, it is hard work, but it will all pay off when it’s over. I can’t be afraid of a little purification now and then. Cleansing our lives is healthy and helps us in the long run. It clears our lives of useless things we really don’t need, and clears our minds to focus on what we truly do need.

Chris Jakubowicz lives in Tryon with his wife and children. His bi-weekly column will focus on how he and his family are trying to get back to their grassroots. Jakubowicz can be reached by e-mail at cjak32@gmail.com.

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