Tryon Painters and Sculptors moves to new gallery in Tryon

Published 8:42 am Monday, August 1, 2011

Tryon Painters and Sculptors (TPS) opens doors on its new gallery space with a new show Saturday, July 30 during the Tryon Gallery Trot.

Volunteers Crys Armbrust, John Massengill (on ladder), Larry Eckstein and Dennis Nagle work on painting a wall inside the new gallery space for the Tryon Painters and Sculptors. (photo submitted by Crys Armbrust)

TPS relocated from the Tryon Fine Arts Center to a leased space at 26 Maple Street between Brock’s Cleaners and The Village Book Shop this week.
“We desperately needed more foot traffic,” Aviva Kahn said of the move. “Now we feel more a part of the main street activity of Tryon.”
TPS formed in 1968 and soon after arranged an agreement to use a makeshift gallery space inside the fine arts center. This initiated what would become a 43-year relationship with TFAC. Over the years, the organization grew as did its need for more space, and therefore Gallery One was created.
Kahn said rumors floating around that TFAC asked TPS to move out are untrue.
“We have a great relationship with TFAC still and there are no hard feelings. In the end the move was a win-win situation. It turned out the best for us and I hope for them as well,” Kahn said. “We had 43 years there and a tremendous collaboration.”
While the new space will not add additional square-feet to available gallery space, Kahn said it will allow for a better use of space. The building being leased allows TPS to incorporate both painters and sculptors studios, a small kitchen and gallery space. The building’s one-level back entrance will also make it more accessible to those in the community who cannot climb stairs, Kahn said.
TPS members began renovations earlier this month, including tearing down a wall and repainting in the leased space of the Butler Building.
Tryon Business and Tourism Coordinator Crys Armbrust also organized area contractors Larry Eckstein, John Massengill and Dennis Nagle earlier this month to join him and other TPS members for a Friday morning of professional painting.
The new space will be open from 5 – 8 p.m. Saturday, July 30 during the Tryon Gallery Trot featuring TPS members’ work and several pieces by Saluda artist Paul Koenen, with the majority of the works depicting Tryon-related scenery.
TPS plans to host a grand opening later this summer.

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