McMillan leads visit to Pearsons Falls

Published 10:08 am Friday, July 8, 2011

Participants on Patrick McMillan's tour of Pearson's Falls. (photo submitted by Jane Templeton)

Patrick McMillan led a group of 22 interested persons on a guided walk at Pearson’s Falls on June 25. Participants in this event received copies of the Donald Peattie’s 1932 documentary, “Pearson’s Falls Glen In Story In Flora In Birds.” McMillan is host of the Educational Television Program, “Expeditions with Patrick.” He is the director of the Clemson Botanical Garden and an extraordinary plants man. Pearson’s Falls is classified as a deciduous climax forest, a minority classification in the earth’s population. Thus, having McMillan following the path of Donald Peattie and Edwin Way Teal (author of North with the Spring) and seeing the rare Trillium, ginseng, and other specimens was an honor, which can translate into greater awareness across McMillan’s TV audiences of the unique role Pearson’s Falls serves. Pearson’s Falls is owned and operated by the Tryon Garden Club. For information about supporting Pearson’s Falls please check the web site at For information regarding membership in the Tryon Garden Club contact Delia Tittle at 828 859-8372.
– article submitted by Jane Templeton

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