A community responds

Published 11:36 am Friday, June 24, 2011

I find myself sitting at my writing table sending out thank you letters to my supporters.
I’m a bit old fashioned in this regard, I find pen and paper far more personal than emails or phone calls and in these matters, I certainly intend to be personal.
Let me go back to Snowy, if I may, who by the way is doing fabulously. The pins and stint should be removed from her leg in a few weeks and she’s walking normally. In the meantime, she is being spoiled rotten and responding with every ounce of love she can muster. As you recall, her operation and care nearly emptied my personal fund and the only reason it didn’t was the kindness of the vets and doctors involved.
Since then I’ve managed to maintain two ongoing obligations I have and helped with four other cases, two of them extensive. How is this possible, you may ask. Well, the answer is simply this wonderful community who support me and my kids.
People call me or see me in person and the message is always the same, “Please keep doing what you’re doing,” as they hand or send me funds. It is only natural that at times I feel overwhelmed and despondent but the community is always there to lift me up.
It all began with a previous donor who always wishes to remain anonymous.  The phone rang a few weeks ago and after our initial greeting I was asked, “How’s Snowy doing, Leonard?”
“Just fine, sir, her recovery is no less than a miracle. She’s a special, special case.”
“Aren’t they all?” he replied.
“Touché,” I said, laughing.
“How much was her operation?” he went on.
“Twenty five hundred, but I’ve got it covered thus far.”
“You will be receiving a check for that amount on behalf of Snowy,” he said.
I nearly dropped the phone as my vision blurred from the tears that instantly filled my eyes. All I could say over and over again into the phone was “God bless you.”
“You think nothing of it, Leonard, just keep doing what you’re doing.”   That check has been received and deposited. Betty, (last name withheld) left a large check for Lennie’s fund at FHS about the same time.
Joy and Mel Percival have been frequent supporters through the years, but on May 27 we lost this sweet man. Mel requested that in lieu of flowers donation be sent to Lennie’s fund and sweet Joy fulfilled his wishes.  Hundreds of dollars from family and friends began arriving at FHS.
I believe in divine providence.  I am here because this is where He wants me to be.
When the time comes when I’ve done enough both He and all of you will let me know. In the meantime, I haven’t any other choice but to keep doing what I’m doing. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some personal letters to write.
Thanks for listening.

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