I’m sorry, it’s all my fault

Published 12:49 pm Friday, June 10, 2011

Last week I was jokingly telling about the kids at FHS complaining that it was their turn. I can’t begin to tell you how right they were.

Cagney (photo submitted)

My dear wife often admonishes me to slow down and I smile as letters, paperwork and slips of calls I need to make are strewn all over.

“I’ll be alright, honey,” I reply.

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Of course, she’s right also, but it seems as soon as I get a Special Case finalized, something new pops up.

While visiting Landrum Vet about a sick puppy that has been going through one complication or another, I ran into an old friend. When I saw her, the little nub tail she has began wagging furiously and she began the dance of joy.

It was Cagney, the little Boxer mix that I had written about in early April. I opened the cage door and sat in with her as she excitedly washed my face.

“What are you doing here, girl?”

“This is where you brought me, Uncle Lennie.”

I rushed out to see Dr. Raines, “Donna, when did Cagney get back here?”

“She’s been here since you brought her, Lennie. Her foot is all healed and she’s doing wonderfully.”

“Oh, no,” I replied, nearly in tears. “I thought she’d been adopted.”

Cagney is the sweet girl that I got furious over when I learned that she’d been shot in the foot.

With all that had been going on with Cosmo, Snowy and a few others, plus the fact that FHS is constantly full, I lost track of this dear girl. I went back to my car and grabbed a leash and some treats, whatever my schedule was for the day could wait, I wasn’t going to lose track of her anymore.

Outside on our walk I stopped and put my arms around her as tears freely flowed down my cheeks.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. It was all my fault.”

Cagney was a lot more forgiving to me than I was to myself. I have visited her every day since and have assured that she’ll be brought back to FHS for adoption as soon as possible.

If you can, please inquire about this wonderful girl who has shown me more love than I deserve.

This sweet girl has a whole lot of love in her to pass around and she’d make a wonderful addition to any family. In the meantime, I’ve got some catching up to do.

Thanks for listening.