Landrum changes process for appointing fire dept. officials

Published 9:43 am Friday, May 13, 2011

Landrum Council approved May 10 a new process for the selection of fire chief and fire department officers.
“The appointments have to be approved by a governing body such as the council and so we have not in the past been in compliance with state statutes. We’re changing that now so that the appointments will be brought before council,” said Landrum Fire Chief Jimmy Flynn. “We still wanted to keep some of the ownership with our members so they will vote on the selections and then we will present them to you all for approval.”
Flynn said the position of chief would be selected on a two-year term. The various officer positions will be set on staggered terms, with some serving three years and others serving two years before coming back up for a vote.
City administrator Steven Wolochowicz said this would allow for continuity even if the person in the chief’s position were to change.
Wolochowicz said if there were any disagreement in selection of officers, he would work with membership and the chief to create a list of potential nominees and present that list to council.
In other fire department news: The department answered 23 calls total for the month of April. Five of those calls involved actual fires.
They also answered three rescue or emergency medical calls, five hazardous condition calls, seven service calls, one good intent call, one false alarm and one severe weather call.

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